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Fabrics - Embroideries and laces


Our products are enriched with handmade sicilian embroideries and laces (crochet, macramé and tombolo). In the section "Product" you will be able to choose among the already available products while in the section "Customize" you can create the products you wish.




The ancient art of sicilian embroideries dates back to the XIV century. The fabric is unthreaded both along the warp and the weft thus obtaining the "rete a nodi" (knot web), which is decorated with precious threads to create "rete margherita" (daisy web), "San Marco" , "giglio" (lily web), "quattrocento" etc.




Laces are used to make our products more precious and refined. Macramé is a refined lace made by interweaven and tied threads. Tombolo is a delicate and valuable lace realized with very fine cotton threads. Crochet lace is obtained with a continuous thread by the workmanship, stitch by stitch, with an instrument called "uncinetto" (crochet).



Embroideries and laces